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CDC: Miss Calculated

Mary Swanson has always loved math. This however left her misunderstood, and neglected by her peers. Graduating at the top of her class, she majored in Physics. After college she was offered a position with the university’s Experimental physics department. Her mind was treasured by her old professor, Dr. Wolfstein, and the two became quiet close. Finally someone understood her. Dr. Wolfstein was on the verge of a major breakthrough researching black holes when his supervisors pulled his funding and let him go from the department. This ultimately led him to take his own life. Mary couldn’t take losing her only friend. Her mind snapped and she went into fits of uncontrollable rage. She trashed her lab and that’s when she discovered something Dr. wolfstein had left behind… A suit designed to fit only her, and note that simply read “Make them all pay, my dear!” And that’s exactly what she did…