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My very late submission for the pop quiz
This is Rhoa:

From the wiki:
“Rhoa was the daughter of Dr. Gregg and his wife, who, disgusted with humanity, traveled back in time to the prehistoric age, where they founded a kingdom called Athala. Rhoa was born in this prehistoric age, and raised by her parents to speak perfect English, but to also hate the violence of the modern world. After her parents died, Rhoa became the leader of a tribe of pre-historic men, who were also taught to understand a limited amount of the English language. Ironically, Rhoa’s tribe was threatened with violence by the tribe of a giant named Ogg. The cave she lived in was also decorated with skulls and Rhoa herself was quick to respond with violence and order executions. At around the age of 19, Rhoa met two other time travelers, Jack Rance and Tommy Peters, who came for her at the request of Dr. Gregg. Rhoa fell in love with Jack and agreed to travel back to the future with him, after he convinced her that the pre-historic age was just as violent as the modern age.

Growing up in a world of prehistoric men and beasts, Rhoa was a tough and assertive woman, adept in primitive survival skills. She was also an expert with a bow and appeared to keep two black panthers as pets.”

Read the issue: