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Herr D

** How’s this?

“You ARE certain you want this mission?”
“Yes. This mission suits me.”
“You are willing to keep this shape and clumsy substance?”
“I am.”
“Our understanding is that these primitive beings are capable of all manner of suffering and destruction.”
“As you have pointed out, I am the most primitive-minded of all of us. If anyone can understand them and judge them correctly, that would be me.”
” . . . Agreed. You are more suited than most. We will await your return. What will you do?”
“I will choose a name and a likeness to blend in with them. If I cannot return within one revolution of their sun, I will have assimilated beyond my capacity to return.”
“And then?”
“You will exterminate them. The damage they have done to their moon is minimal, but their dependence upon caffeine is clear from their radio broadcasts.”
“Yes. Upsetting an entire world for a single organic substance is clearly a sign of their barbarity. We will await you.”