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Herr D is nice enough to grace me with a story inspired by one of my creations!!!
I feel honored to share with you all:


Matrix Interface Roberson
by Herr D

[small cramped office with open door]
“Yes, Tech Sergeant?”
[shuts door, looks around nervously, thumps large stack of bound paper on desk]
“I received this top secret communique last week. The instruction packet said it was ‘eyes-only,’ and I very nearly risked my career to show you anyway, Captain.”
[Captain picks up bundle]
“Project Horse Dragon? So you’re throwing your career away now? Why?”
“I’m not, sir. On completion of Phase Three, I am supposed to inform you of it’s completion and explain this fully.”
“Yes sir. Project Horse Dragon is a genetics experiment designed to improve the meshing of Genegineered Crafts and their crews by improving the interface level. Ensign Roberson, on being buried at sea, was recovered, adapted, and installed in the Organic Mainframe.”
“Grave robbing, Tech Sergeant Jones?!”
“No sir. I’ve been through the law thoroughly. As his body was committed to the sea, Navy regs classify this as salvage.”
“Y-yes sir.”
“What purpose is his body even SERVING? He wasn’t in the best of health! Besides, the human femur makes a lousy piston. What could his dead body POSSIBLY be used for?”
“His body is only incubating the new computer matrix, sir.”
“The new computer matrix.”
“His brain, sir.”
WERMPWERMPWERMPWERMP [Captain lowers volume on PA, gestures Jones forward, who types several keystrokes]
“Captain–it would appear that the new computer matrix is demanding shore leave to see his wife.”
“He’s insisting that we offer his wife a chance to join him in his new status, and he’s steering us toward Port Jefferson.”
“Port Jefferson is closed.”
He doesn’t believe us, sir. Announce ‘brace for impact?'”