The Hero of the week contest on the UGO forums works like this.


You can not Nominate your own artwork, only the work of other Forums members

All Nominations most have been made using Heromachine, and must be free of any editing via photoshop or similar programs.

All Nominations must have an a story of at least 5 sentences to be considered.

Once 10 qualified nominations are made, Willypete the Moderator over on UGO would then put up a poll on the following monday which all forums members are able to vote on and which is open for one week.

At the End of the week of voting the member with the highest number of votes wins, and any non-winners who managed to gain at least 20% of the Vote are automatically entered into the next Hero of the Week contest.

In the event of a Tie, WillyPete has final say over who the winner of the tied contestants is.