Kaldath said:

My only concern with starting up Hero of the week here on the new forums is that we do not at this time have anyone to create the polls, and judge the contest in the event of a tie. Jeff would be a perfect judge, but lets face it, he is extermely busy at this stage in life with his new job, running the Blog itself and looking after this forum as well the ugo forum. I think Hero of the week should be put on hold here until such time as Jeff decides to appoint some Moderators for these parts, if he decides he needs them.

You've got a good point. I don't have a clue how this worked on the old forums, never having been able to get an account, but I do agree that we need some sort of system for judging it. Hmm…could we appoint a judge? And just count up the votes from posts? This requires some consideration.