Hammerknight said:

I'm okay with removing the 5 sentence. Also Isia and I were just talking about Hero of  the month instead of week. We also were talking about the tie breaker being a one day vote off instead of just one person deciding the winner. What do you all think.

I am okay with going to a Hero of the Month format instead of Hero of the Week as it seems to be more of a Hero of the Month contest as it is already. Maybe if and when it gets more active here we can change it back to a weekly contest. If done on a monthly basis I think we will need to open it up to a larger number of entries every poll instead of just 10 ( and we will have to use Polldaddy or similar site for our polls here ) Perhaps having no limit on the number of entries a poll. 


Also HK, I sent you a private message here on the forums if you could take a looks at it and get back to me.