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Thanks Keric & Magnus I been away for awhile due to work and vehicle problem and Assassin’s Creed addiction but the holidays got me in the creative mood and decide to start my up with a story line I’m working with of a world Insight travel to that the only “super”heroes are children of the gods and the first one I made is Hephaestus the blacksmith of the gods and of fire.
Hephaestus is one of the greatest blacksmiths the world has ever known even though the dwarfs of the Norse region would disagree his children are natural blacksmiths and machinists. Many of his children has the ability to control fire and all have a strong dislike for Hera. He is one of the few gods that try to reach out to his children even when the others try to forbid it. Most of his children are kind hearted and try their best to help their fellow demigods though recently some of the Children of the Forge are turning their backs on Hephaestus and the gods of the world. A evil is stirring and Hephaestus fears that the gods of any region may not be enough and their children are the best hope to help. Zeus, Odin, Ra, and some of the other gods of the regions do not see the children strong enough to be worthy to fight along side them. Many of the gods however are encouraging their children to fight and prove themselves to the gods but will it be too late.