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Thanks Alexander that means a lot coming from someone with awesome characters and stories of their own.
For five years Jake Bailey was Nobody a thug’s worst nightmare and urban legend to most everyone else. One day a guy name Boris Newman came into Saint City and replaced the entire Saint City Police Department with robotic officers. This didn’t phase Jake at all in fact he could care less. Jake always stayed out of the police’s way and they left him alone that was until Boris ordered the robotic officers to arrest Nobody. Jake was furious at this and began to look into Boris Newman’s past. Jake found that Boris was not the savior everyone believed he was. Boris was actually building an army to take over America and had a list of people he needed to get rid of to make his plans complete. Nobody and Gustav Newman were on the top of the list. Jake wasn’t the only one looking into Boris’ plans; Boris’ father Gustav saw his plan and decided to do something to stop him by giving Nobody an offer he would find hard to refuse. Gustav offer to fund Nobody heroics and give him state of the art tech as longs as Nobody changes his superhero name and take a sidekick. Nobody refused for months but after a few close calls Nobody accepted and became the new improved Nighthawk and even more terrifying to the criminals of Saint City and now beyond.