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Thanks Jeimuzu
Jake Bailey was a normal man with a less than happy life. As a child Jake’s father was the biggest bully he ever had to face. Jake was a fairly big kid and wasn’t picked on at school so he liked to be there more than his house where he knew his father was waiting to beat him and call him every name in the book. Jake finally found a little happiness when he met Adrian Howard in the fourth grade. You could say it was love at first sight the two were inseparable. Then one day Jake’s dad saw them together when they were freshmen and began dating. Jake’s father began to bully Adrian as well to Jake’s horror. Adrian comfort Jake telling him that nothing his father could say would keep them apart. Then their senior year Jake’s father went too far and hit Adrian. Jake stood up to his father and beat his father down. Jake’s father got so angry and humiliated that he had a massive heart attack and stroke dying on the spot. Jake still remembers his father’s funeral and how it was one of the best days of his life until his mother kicked him out. Jake moved in with Adrian and her parents and began working for her dad. Three years later Jake saved up enough money to ask Adrian to marry him. He took her out to the fanciest restaurant he could find and tried to work up the courage to ask her that one question. Before he could a man walked in and came over to Jake and Adrian. The man asked Adrian who her friend was to which she replied he was a nobody and walked out with the man laughing at the dumbfounded look on Jake’s face. Jake returned home alone angry that she just walked out without a second thought about all the years they been together. He began thinking that his father was right to be the way he was, hurting others just to mask your own pain. Jake turned on the TV just in time for a breaking news alert from the local news. A homicidal telepath escape prison and believe to have killed again. The news anchor continued to say they identified the victim as Adrian Howard and the suspect was last spotted in the slums of Saint City. Jake anger all came bubbling up to the surface years of suppressing the rage he inherited were released without the woman that could tell him he wasn’t like his father. Jake grabbed a crowbar and a ski mask and headed out. Jake found the telepath the same man that was in the restaurant. The telepath tried to tell Jake to stop but his powers were useless against the rage of Jake. Jake began to beat the telepath with the crowbar. The telepath pleas were cut short with another whack of the crowbar. Finally the telepath asked who Jake was and Jake replied that he was Nobody and continued to beat the telepath. A few more swings and the telepath would be dead when Mr. Freedom arrived and took the crowbar away. Jake was furious and attacked Mr. Freedom telling him that some poster boy from Texas has no business in Missouri. Mr. Freedom grabbed Jake and flew into the air. While thirty feet up Mr. Freedom calmed Jake down and told Jake that if he killed that man he would regret it everyday. Jake agreed and they landed to find the telepath trying to crawl away Jake walked over to him telling the telepath that this was better than what he deserved and kick the telepath in the head and took him to the police. Ever since that night the scum of Saint City are running scare if you ask who is after them they’ll reply Nobody.
“I read about this blind guy who fought crime and was called the man without fear but he he ran up against half the people Nobody did and could look into their eyes I’m pretty sure he would wet himself then and there.” All-Star about Nobody