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Thanks Torog and now that you mention it he does has a Cobra Commander vibe to him
When Tom left Nighthawk’s tutelage Gustav gave the title of Sparrow to a new person. Nighthawk again angry for having to train yet another kid to fight crime protested saying that he’ll become just as ungrateful as Tom did. Though Nighthawk made this bold claim the new Sparrow proved him wrong and Edward “Eddie” Jackson earned Nighthawk’s respect. Eddie even told Tom that he was a fool to leave the side of Nighthawk and that of course the hero would get more credit because they are better known than the sidekick. Nighthawk had Eddie join the Heroes of Tomorrow part-time to help with his training. This caused Tom to quit the team and become the new Nobody. Tom and Eddie are rivals and never really gotten along as they both see Nighthawk as their “father” and fight for his approval. Eddie left the superhero career for a short time after getting into a fight with Tom saying he had no right in using the name Nobody; Eddie was crushed when Nighthawk said he was honor that Tom brought Nobody back to life. Eddie later returned to find Nighthawk training yet another sidekick Nightingale. Eddie soon grew close to her and had strong feelings for her though she thinks of him and Tom as brothers and never consider to date either of them.