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When Nobody was approached by Boris Newman’s father Gustav Newman the owner of New Inc. he offered to give Nobody a hefty sponsorship and tech to help fight the scum of Saint City and the world under two conditions. 1) Nobody must change his look and name as if being reborn into a new more powerful force of good to help take down Gustav’s son. 2) Nobody must have a sidekick and train him in the event of Nobody’s death the sidekick could take over. Nobody almost declined the offer because of the sidekick but eventually accepted knowing the money and resources would make his job a lot easier. With that Nobody became Nighthawk and began training Tom Rynolds aka Sparrow for his sidekick. After months of help Nighthawk fight crime Sparrow was getting fed up with Nighthawk receiving all the attention and developed what many heroes call the Sidekick Complex believing that their mentor is taking all the credit for what they help with. Sparrow left for a while and joined the Heroes of Tomorrow a group of all sidekicks. Eventually Sparrow return working alongside Nighthawk and the Heroes of Tomorrow even after he became the new Nobody and a new Sparrow took his place.