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Miguel Lorenza was born with a noticeable mutation causing much panic around the small Mexican village he lived. The locals called him El Chupacabra and threw rocks and bottles at the family. His parents sadly had to keep Miguel in their basement away from the world as they tried desperately to get the superstitious villagers to accept Miguel into their lives. Miguel’s parent foolishly told Miguel that they would let him leave the basement on his eighteenth birthday. The day came and of course his parents couldn’t fulfill they promise. Miguel snapped why should he be punished for be different and he was stronger,faster, and more agile then any of them. He killed his lying parents and walked outside the villagers screamed and ran as they saw him. “The Chupacabra escape, he will kill us all.” He did just that they ran fast he ran faster, they hit hard he hit harder, they begged for mercy he showed none. Soon he killed every soul in the village was dead. He went on to terrorize all of Mexico before moving into the southwest United States.