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Thanks Scatman and Weilyn
Here is Wendigo. A long time ago he was known as Roaring Bear a powerful Iroquois shaman until one fateful winter when the tribe was caught in a blizzard, the worst they have ever seen the tribe ran out of food quickly and the shaman knew there was only one way to survive he began picking off the other members of the tribe one by one eating them and somehow growing stronger and faster perhaps do to his mystical nature after the storm passed he was the last one of his tribe still gnawing on the chief’s bones. Roaring Bear had changed he became grotesque but stronger, faster, smarter, and able to mimic people voices. He loved his new found power but he began to lose the memory of being human and less able to ingest anything but living flesh. He is now immortal except for one weakness; fire. He still hunts all over North America feeding on unknowing prey that falls for his tricks. Only once it is known has he spawn an offspring by biting one of his victims and secrete a special saliva on them turning them into a weaker wendigo which was later killed.