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@davick said:

I have a question or 2.

I just reregistered after being unable to login with what I could have sworn was this username, and checking the member list for any of the possible other names I may have used. I was trying to find a thread I had started that contained HMs of my pathfinder characters. These were original characters and stated as such, but their backstories I posted may have contained references to Pathfinder specific locations. Could this thread have been deleted for copyright issues? Would my profile have ben removed also?

Hello Davick, welcome to the forums. I am not sure what the issue is/was with your user name problems. I can honestly say I do not remember seeing the thread you mentioned here with the Pathfinder characters and thus do not remember deleting it myself though it could have been HammerKnight when he was still active, or one of the new Moderators I suppose. Even still having deleted your thread it would not have deleted your account, even if we had banned you it still would not have deleted the account. Let me ask, how long ago was it that you originally registered on here ? If it was more then a year ago can it be possible that you actually registered on the now defunct UGO Heromachine forums which used to be the official HM forums before these were opened less then two years ago ? …. For the record however Pathfinder is an officially licensed RPG game and as such it is perfectly alright to post characters from that game so long as they are your own creations here on these forums.