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Here is the way to do this, “IF” “you think” that it is, on the line, risky, iffie, close because of the color scheme, looks a lot like, is based off of, within the ball park, could be their twin/ brother/ sister/mom/dad/ great uncle’s second cousin” next door neighbor’s aunt’s best friend, might get removed, is close but maybe they won’t notice, just to cool and you are doing to post it any way just to get someone to look at it before it is removed, or that is is really close and you don’t care about the rules, then you may not want to post it. It is a lot easier to ask Kaldath or me about it in the first place. This is for all the “no nos” in the forum, nudity, bad language, copyright material, fighting with other members, high-jacking thread (posting pictures or jumping topic), or being rude. If you think that you should not post something then don’t post it. If you don’t want to ask Kaldath or me, then ask someone else, there are a lot of old timers out there that know the rules just as good if not better then we do. Just think, when in doubt keep it out.