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I discovered a post today that was made back in November that someone made it past HammerKnight and myself that I deleted today for Copyright reasons. I Mention this only because I want to make something clear to the community from this point onward. Simply changing a characters costume coloring and or making a tiny alteration to logo/symbol of the character does not constitute an original character and will be deleted from these forums. If you make a red Darth Vadar it is still Darth Vadar , a Pink Superman is still Superman ect. Please don’t try to slip in copyrighted characters in this fashion.

Also I want to address something HammerKnight and myself have been seeing in regards to Star Wars characters. When these forum were first started there was a discussion on weather to allow Star Wars like characters to be posted here. We at that time decided to allow them so long as they were original characters and no mention of the Star Wars Universe was made, ie; No mention of Jedi Knights, Stormtroopers or any other Star Wars terminology. After some further discussion on the matter it was decided that characters Specifically made for the Star Wars table top role-playing game would be allowed to be recognized as such and Star Wars Terminology allowed so long as mention was made in the post that it was indeed a RPG character. As of late we have been seeing a great deal of envelope pushing on this issue Star Wars’esque Characters mentioning things such as being a Jedi, or a Rebel Pilot but without the “RPG Character” tag anywhere in the post. Until now we have let it go except for the occasional warning that the poster was getting close to breaking our rules. Well As of today as of 12:30 PM Eastern time any new posts made that Mention Star Wars Terminology but does not mention being a RPG Character will be deleted without warning