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Here is the deal. Jeff makes money off of Heromachine and this website. You the creators of the artwork would in all likelihood never see any legal issues with the artwork, as it falls under fair use for you goes to make it. However the Argument can be made and ( and has in the past as Jeff almost got sued once already ) that Jeff profits off the copyrighted material you post here and thus is open to legal actions himself. The fact that a RPG series exists in additions to the movies and books etc does leave the whole SW thing ambiguous I will admit and as I mentioned in FRM’s thread Jeff is seeking some advice on the matter from the Electronic Freedom Foundation, as I have already spoken with him on the subject.

Until Jeff has a better understanding of what can get HIM into trouble we are asking that you simply leave out reference to SW from your character descriptions. We are not asking you to remove the pictures themselves at least not at this time, though I doubt it will go that far in my honest opinion. We are just trying to cover Jeff’s Legal backside from getting burned. Once we here back from the Electronic Freedom Foundation we will made our final decision the matter.

Any more questions ?