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Niall Mor

I guess you could call this post “Celtica Then and Now,” or “Celtica: The Evolution of a Character.” One of the first characters I ever created with HeroMachine 2.5 was Celtica, an Irish-American superheroine who was chosen by the Tuatha De Danann to defend Ireland and the rest of the world against an evil druid named Malak. I imagined her as a sort of cross between Wonder Woman and Xena, Warrior Princess. One of these days, I’m going to finish writing her origin story as a short story or a novel. Anyway, I’ve tinkered with this character almost obsessively over the years trying to get her look just right. Here she is in HM 2.5 and her latest incarnation in HM 3. The bird is her faithful hawk companion Branwen, with whom she can communicate telepathically. I’d really like some feedback on these! Tell me which one you’d like best.