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Niall Mor

Since the latest Character Design Challenge is “Angels and Demons,” I’m going to repost a character I created way back when, The Blue Angel. Her story:

Kelli Alvarez was a proud naval aviator and the first woman pilot chosen for The Blue Angels, the U. S. Navy’s precision stunt-flying demonstration team. During what should have been a routine practice and training flight, her plane suffered a catastrophic malfunction, crashing and killing her instantly. On arriving in heaven, Kelli finds that her death was not an accident and that God has two special missions for her:

First, find those responsible for her death and bring them to justice;

Second, to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and protect the innocent and the vulnerable, and seek justice for the oppressed.

Through divine intervention, time is altered and she returns to earth having miraculously survived the accident. She roams the world in the appearance of a normal young woman, but when needed can become The Blue Angel, an agent of divine justice.