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This is Charles Alexander Osman from my League Of Honor and The Brotherhood!

Charles is a 70 year old man who suffers from a severe case of Diabetes, it cost him his right arm. His bones are frail and must use a cane to walk.

A few months after he lost his arm and was near death a alien symbiote was exposed from a nearby lab and came into contact with Charles. This symbiote took hold of Charles’s body and now keeps him alive. When Charles allows the symbiote to take over his body and mind he calls himself Chaos. This form allows him to do remarkable things that no human would ever dream of. It rebuilds his arm and muscles and forms him into a monster. He becomes pure aggression and anger and is nearly unstoppable. When Charles goes back into human form , he carries the symbiote in a glass pendant around his neck like some sort of Liife Alert button.

Charles Alexander Osman!

I am waiting for an item i requested from a contest before creating Chaos’s actual form.

Thanks Everyone!