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@JR19759 said:

Being honest, I think the original is scarier. On the new one, there seems to be something wrong with the hearts, they seem to be fragmenting around the valves. The original was scary because, with a combination of the hair, eye glow and mask, he was pretty much faceless, whereas the new version does have a face and it actually makes him look less aggressive or intimidating. Plus the pose loses some of its impact second time round.
I’m not having a downer on it or anything, it’s just my opinion, so you can completely ignore everything I’ve said if you so wish.

Very true guys, I am working on another version of him now. I have been having trouble with heromachine, wont seem to load. But I have the version above which is the Day of Salvation version and I will be posting the other more menacing version soon.

And @Lightningsword I wanted to create one but after I looked at it I realized he would look way to similar to venom haha. I figured I wouldnt wanna go that far.