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Yes those are eyes Herr D.

Here is my first entry for the latest contest.

Asher Wright has always struggled his entire life, being a violent and difficult teen this caused problems with the people who knew. His family disowned him and left him alone to try and survive. Living on the streets completely alone he started to develop schizophrenia, this caused him to start listening to multiple voices in his head. These voices caused him to hurt people or steal for what ever he needed. After years of living alone he finally had a glimpse of hope, he found an abandoned building that he made his own. Asher finally had a roof over his head to escape the dangers of the harsh weather. One night a few years after living in this building and making it his own, he discovered a group of dangerous hooligans trying to spray graffiti in his building. Asher started to intervene and the hooligans attacked him and locked him in a nearby closet. Before leaving the house the hooligans set the house on fire and left him to die. The fire started to build and just as it reached closet Asher was able to break free. Asher had no where to escape, the fire was covering all the doors and windows. Asher thought this was the end and laid down in the corner to await his death. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the pain, but it began to become cooler. He opened his eyes and realized the fire was clearing away. Everywhere he would look, the fire would then disperse at that location. After many shifts of his eyes he realized he was the cause. He cleared a path and fled the building to safety, just as he cleared the building he heard a new voice in his head with whispers echoing behind it. It said “Asher our friend,[Pyre] we will never leave you. Not like they did, [Pyre] you must burn them Asher.” He began to turn back into the fire and used his new psychokinetic abilities to mold the fire like clay in his hand. He heard the hooligan’s around the front of the building and he approached them with hatred and anger in his eyes. The hooligans thought they were seeing a ghost, they collapsed in fear. Asher lifted his arms to gather flames around his hands and uttered a singled word “Burn.” The flames left his arms and launched at a third of the hooligans severely burning them. One hooligan was unharmed and stood begging for forgiveness, Asher stood in front of him with the flames building on his arms. He knelled down to the hooligan and put his hand out and said “Tell them there are new creature’s to fear now[Pyre], show them what we did here[Pyre].” Asher thrusted his hand out to brand the hooligan on the side of his face, leaving a burned hand print behind. With the screams of the hooligan ringing out in the air as he fled down the street, Asher stood back up and curled a flame in his hand. Looking deeply into the flamed admiring its beauty he let out a whisper “We….we are Pyre now….we always will be.”

Now although Pyre can control fire with his mind he can still be burned from the flame. He wears a fireproof pair of pants and shoes.