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Thank you! I spent more then half of my childhood watching that show so that might have been some of the inspiration haha!

This next character is one of the deadliest and most diabolical villains in my universe. John Graves was a factory worker who was laid off during the hardest time in his life. He was going through a rough divorce after the loss of his daughter ripped the relationship between him and his wife apart. After reaching the lowest point in which he felt he could not take any more, he attempted to kill himself by exposing his body to the radiation tanks at the factory he now grew a hatred for. Thinking that a dead body found inside the factory would somehow ruin the companies reputation and make it crumble, he thought the plan was brilliant. Unfortunately this did not go the way he anticipated, he was not killed by the harmful radiation but reborn into a walking nuclear reactor. His body, his every molecule was transformed giving him the abilities to transfer nuclear energy into anything he touches. Not only would the exposed chemicals destroy everything it can reach but he also has the ability to infect any living person he comes into direct contact with. With nothing left to lose in this world he plans to rid it of its worst qualities, human life.

“These human’s believe they are at the highest point of the evolutionary food chain, how foolish! I will prove to these undeserving roaches how wrong they are! They took everything from me, it’s about time I return the favor. John Graves is dead, he was weak and spineless. This world now has a new savior, I am Gamma!


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