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Thank you! Im glad you liked them!

This is Tau (Botswana name meaning Lion)

He used to be an African Soldier until he was abandoned in the wild and left to die, after days of frantically searching the areas for food and water he found a pond to drink from. After approaching the pond and drinking from it he was attacked by a cackle of Hyenas. He had no strength to fight them off and laid down to let them kill him. The hyenas were attacked by a large male lion and fled away from Tau. As he opened his eyes he saw the lion sitting next to him, he was accepted by the lion and was fed food and water for the next three years.

After Tau was found and returned to civilization, his story went world wide he was given a lot of access to companies willing to work with him to protect the wild life of Africa. He had spoken with defense weapons maker and had him create a series of high tech pieces of armor.

After acquiring the armor he wanted, he disappeared and returned to the wild and found his savior. He spends his days fighting off poachers who try to harm the animals in the wild.

He has shoulder and arm pieces that allow him to strike with the power of a lion and his mask allows him to have the senses of a lion as well. His sight, hearing, and smell is all raised. His leg wear also allows him to run and jump higher then a normal man.