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Here is the next contest.
I am going to have you redesign the villains of the Brotherhood! These are the villains of the League of Honor.

This is Tyson, he is a failed experiment by Gadget. Tyson volunteered for an experiment that was supposed to help cure him of his sickness but it came with a horrible price. He was transformed into a savage brute, he showed a extreme decrease in intelligence and a extremely large increase in strength. He now craves revenge on Gadget and works with the Brotherhood in hopes to achieve it.


This is BrainFreeze! He has the ability to control ice around him.


This is Chemical Spill! He is a horrible monster who used to work at a power plant and was exposed to large amounts of radiation.


This is Mareth! Aaloks brother who was shunned by his family and decided to train himself in the arts of pain and death.


This is the leader of the Brotherhood! Chaos! He is a symbiote like villain.


I only ask for you to keep the skull and cross bones insignia. Other then that, go crazy! Im very excited to see these creations!
I will be judging on the 24th.
Good luck everyone!