Re: New Moderator



@Kaldath said:

Ladies and Gentlemen Please join me in Welcoming our newest Moderators: CKnap and FRM … The two of them will be joining the moderation team as of today and may be joining the blog Authors as well. COngratulations you too I know you will make a good addition to the team.

On a seperate Moderation note, our team is turning into a real boys club here so if there are any of our female members that would like to give moderation and or blog writing a try drop me a PM. In particular I have had my eye on both Lime and Kaylin88100, if the two of you, or any of the other ladies out there want a shot just let me know!

I’d love to help out, but unfortunately Real Life (yes, it needs capitals) takes up way too much of my time these days – I’m 16 years old, you know the drill. I know most of the people on here are American, and us Brits are a minority, but I’m sure someone will know what I mean when I say “A-Levels” or “6th Form”. Laugh

Thanks for the offer anyway, Kaldath, and congratulations to CKnap and FRM.Cool