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The Atomic Punk

“Second person sloppiness” is an inside joke. Basically, I like your straight-forward approach accented with folksy mannerisms. It’s an observation, not an insult. If I ever make it to Texas, I’ll stop by, buy a round or two, and explain. But then, it’s usually after a round or two that I tend to ramble (see my previous post).

Hope I’m not hijacking your campaign. It’s been so long that I’ve written anything or ran my own game circle, my mind is springing ideas.

The ex-marine is hired to protect the woman who is really an alien spy who hides her true form by creating illusions in the minds of others. They hire a droid to pilot the ship through uncharted space, or a sort of galactic Bermuda Triangle, in order to evade the woman’s enemy or enemies.

Does her telepathy affect how the droid sees her? Do any of her powers affect the droid? Does the droid even care what she looks like? Will you report her to the marine?

When the marine discovers her true form, will he even care? A job’s a job and the check cleared. What if the check bounces? Will the marine betray her for a reward?

Is this all an elaborate ruse by the alien to get close to the droid so she can reveal the conspiracy, assassinate him, protect him, blackmail the universe, or simply satisfy her own curiosity?

Is the enemy a racial enemy? Is he after the spy because she has knowledge or perhaps a keepsake of his? Does he know about the droid? Maybe the marine killed the enemy’s son in battle and he wants revenge.

Maybe the spy or her race was responsible for bad relations between the enemy’s race and the humans. She’s back to finish the job. She needs the droid’s secret to ignite full-scale war that will weaken, perhaps destroy the enemy and the humans.