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@The Atomic Punk said:

Though I haven’t hosted a GURPS campaign for… some time, it is my favorite RPG system. My mecha-verse is an American-style space opera. My meta-verse is comprised largely of my GURPS Supers and Champions characters.

As for the space opera component, what drives the story? Inter-galactic intrigue? Epic world-destroying battles? Individual universe-saving heroics? Fantastic inventions without the technobabble? These are all found in “Farscape.”

Are humans the only race? Are they genetically-modified or cyber-enhanced? If there are aliens, are they superior or inferior? Are they equals to, the masters of or slaves to humans? Is that Kleexoblotz with the seven hetero-chromatic eyes and single triple-jointed leg truly alien or merely a human being in a costume?

Many space operas have elements of classic literature, mythology, and folklore in them. Regardless of the genre, I have found that “opera” style campaigns fall into two general timelines. The first builds itself into a history. Either from the founding of an empire or a rule in decline that has a rich history. “Dune” is a perfect example.

The second category starts in the middle of the action – usually a war or rebellion. History is written as events unfold. References to ancient treaties, battles, even marriages are mentioned to explain circumstances. At times, these “hidden histories” drive the campaign’s direction. Examples include “Star Trek,” “Babylon 5,” and many anime storylines.

Check out donjon’s Fractal World Generator for planet and solar system ideas.

I have countless campaign and scenario ideas. More than willing to brainstorm or help you build from your foundation.

Thanks, bub! Yeah i absolutely LOVE Farscape. That and Firefly are two of the best space shows ever! since I am in the process of watching all the Farscape episodes on netflix my game will be hugely influenced by it. It will take place in sort of a wild “uncharted territories” kinda place. I really want to evoke the “wilderness” aspect of it. since the players dont know these places it will be easier to assume the “characters” dont know these places. tons of aliens. one of the players is gonna be a cthulu-esque undercover agent. using telepathy to hide her true form and purpose. another is a former space marine that was dumped like all the rest when the war ended. (cept he really killed his commander). the third is gonna be a robot that has vital data in his head that he cant access that will be key to some conspiracy. So I have starting point.