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Herr D


OK, as best as I can remember, I’m going to try the back story for Test Subject 002, again. I must admit, I like what Herr D came up with.


block10, generic amazon woman?

This is the survivor of a strange discovery at a construction site deep in the jungle [location redacted.] An operator of a front-end loader was digging a foundation hole when he came up with half a body. Understandably upset, he notified authorities. There was a family underground. The man was chopped in half, leaving the woman and two children in some sort of stasis. After examination, the woman suddenly woke up. No one seems to be able to fully communicate with her. We believe she understands the man is dead, and has conveyed that the children must not wake yet.
She constantly forages when allowed, searching for herbs and small animals, conveying signs that we believe mean ‘sick.’ When asked what keeps them in stasis, all she can do is show us spiders. . .