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OK, as best as I can remember, I’m going to try the back story for Test Subject 002, again. I must admit, I like what Herr D came up with. Unknown to him, Sgt. Lincoln Kennedy was not the only survivor of that IED explosion in Iraq. Pvt. June Williamson suffered pretty much the same experiences as Kennedy, with the same results. The main differences are that her scarring is not as severe, she did not gain the increased muscle mass like Kennedy, and she seems to be totally unaware of her situation. But she also somehow absorbed and metabolised the radiation in her body. Only autonomous brainwave functions are registering on her EEG’s. Whether the accident removed her memories or she withdrew deeply into herself to deal with what has happened to her is unknown. Except for a brief, violent outburst after coming out of her coma, she has shown no signs of recognition, nor any reaction to external stimuli. While she is not thought to be as strong as Kennedy, (while his strength limits are not known, he is known to be of at least Level 10 super human strength, able to press 10 tons), she is believed to be in the Level 2-5 range, based on the damage caused by her brief outburst. For that reason she is kept under 24 hour surveillance with a constant armed guard also present. Because she remains in a vegetative state the simple straight-jacket restraint, though archaic, is sufficient. It is the hope that her power can be utilized as the perfect super-soldier. With no personality and hence, no morality, it is believed that she will carry out any order without question.