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Yeah Stulte, in my mind I see Mr. Zigg as pretty hardcore. I need help and opinions with this next character. I see Manzarak as an ultimate mystic type, in the Dr. Fate mold. I purposely left him faceless because the idea I have for him is that it is the headgear that is possessed and in turn possesses the wearer. I’m not sure if the headgear will be the soul of some ancient mystic, or if I will make it a manifestation of one of my cosmic beings, The Eternium, but the faceless body represents it is the headgear, not the person himself, with the power. Which headgear/look do you guys think is best? If you want to post a shot of another piece of headgear as a suggestion, that’s cool.MANZARAK-BARE.pngMANZARAK.pngMANZARAK2.pngMANZARAK3.png