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Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I think I’m gonna have fun with this guy. @Atomic: Brock’s years in the auto plant give him enough mechanical know-how to handle most of the suit’s maintenance and he’s no dummy. O.A.B. provided specs for the circuitry, and since cars have computers running much of their systems, Brock understands that aspect of the suit’s tech and is able to teach himself what he needs to know and follow O.A.B.’s charts. He was a thief more in Jean Valjean mode, a reluctant, sympathetic character. At least he was until got he suit. Maybe he’ll take on a thrill seeking edge like O.A.B. As for O.A.B.’s payment; I see him as a bit of a twisted criminal. Not so much crazy as compulsive, so the money doesn’t matter. He’s prideful and arrogant to the point that he actually feels a sense of pride that someone else is out there using his tech to pull off fantastic crimes, like a protege. He has an old school sense of “honor among thieves” and meant it when he said as long as Bluefly stays out of NYC, he doesn’t care what he he does with the suit. This implies that O.A.B.’s tech is untraceable, except maybe only by himself.
@HerrD: Interesting premise, but One Armed Bandit’s not that type of a guy. He will create situation to endanger people to cover an escape, but he’s not really malicious. He actually takes Brock at his word that he won’t come operate in NYC as Bluefly. But, just in case, he did include a tracker in the suit that will alert him if the suit’s signature is detected within the Five Boroughs.
I hope I can make Motor Man as interesting a protagonist to Bluefly as Amy Atom is to O.A.B. And looking at the pic, there is one thing I forgot to add, a stealth mode indicator. Have to go back and tweak it. Might even attempt a cross-section of the suit itself.