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Twins. Amy Atom and Atomic Adam, aka H-Bomb. Mutants with approximately Level 10 super strength. Adam is slightly stronger. Amy is know for her “Atomic Punch,” when she powers up and her fist glows with an aura resembling a giant atom symbol. Amy is left handed so this aura is seen mostly around her left hand but can be on either or both as she powers herself up. Both are highly invulnerable and immune to all forms of radiation poisoning. They can simultaneously absorb and emit radiation and fire radioactive concussive blasts from their hands. The best way to describe their power is that they are basically living nuclear reactors. Because they can absorb radiation, they are able to cause the physical damage of a nuclear explosion without poisoning the environment with radioactivity, like the reverse of a neutron bomb, which kills with high amounts of radiation, but low explosive force and limited physical destruction, though Adam, being a malevolent villain, has no concern about such things. Adam can fire optic blasts, but has limited control over them. To remedy this, he wears a sapphire crystal visor, which contains his optics and prevents accidental firings. Amy has just discovered she can fire optic blasts and is exercising her mental will to control them. Amy is unaware of her twin brother and never knew of him, but Adam is very much aware of Amy. More of their story will be revealed in time.twins-1.png