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Brainjack: Kevin Chung was just a normal kid, who happened to be really smart. Unfortunately, being really smart is never considered cool among high school cliques and if you’re not built like a football player, you’re pretty much a target for bullying. Except, one day, a bully suddenly dropped dead in the middle of his daily “pick on the geek” ritual. The official word was that the kid had a heart attack brought about by his use of illegal substances. While that seemed to satisfy everyone, (after all, what could the skinny, little twerp Kevin do to cause a heart attack in this big bully), Kevin was wracked with guilt. Because, while being beaten by that bully, all Kevin kept thinking was, “I wish this guy would just drop dead!” Unknown to him, Kevin is more than just really smart. He is a mutate with genius level intellect, (his last IQ test score was 196), and a telepath. He has the potential to be the greatest telepath the world has known, but all he is focusing on is getting through high school, entering college and gaining another 20 or so pounds.