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I loved Atomic Punk’s Amy Atom/One Armed Bandit story so much I had to try and illustrate it. HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION
Amy Atom and The One-Armed Bandit by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk
Mrs. Finkelstein stood by the door smiling as the students sluffed into the classroom. The first day of their senior year and she could not be more proud.
“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! It’s going to be an exciting year, you betcha,” she proclaimed. “So, let’s start with some positive energy. Who wants to tell the class what they did over summer vacation?”
Silence. Finally, Tim Overton rose from his desk and walked to the chalkboard. “Yo, Ms. F., I got something for ya.”
“Why thank you, Timothy. Please remove your hat. Or at least face it front. And, sakes, pull up your pants!”
Tim jostled his jeans a little. “Ok, so like the bowling team. We went to Enyce for our trip.”
Mrs. Finkelstein interrupted, “Ooh, that’s a long way from our fair city of White Place, Dairyland, USA.”
Tim continued, “Yeah, it is. So we decided to sneak out of the hotel one night…”
B’ waved his hand, “Man, you guys hear about Amy Atom fighting off the One-Armed Bandit?”
“Bryan, please don’t interrupt.”
Tim paced back and forth with exaggerated hand gestures. “Hear about it? B’, we were there!”
That piqued the room’s attention. Students muttered and hooted. “Whoa!” “No way!” “You’re bs’ing us, man!”
“Yeah, so check,” Tim continued pacing. “It was me, Rufus, J-Pow, and MaxCat. We snuck out of the hotel. We got on the subway but got lost.”
Mrs. Finkelstein: “Well, you shouldn’t go around a strange city without adult supervision, donchya know.”
“Yeah, huh… ok… so we started doubling back but they had shut down the subway. Fire on the tracks or sumfin’. It’s really late and half the street lights are out. All of a sudden, there’s this armored truck barrelling down the street. We tried to wave him over but they wouldn’t stop.
“MaxCat looks up and sees this red glowing ball like bouncing from rooftop to rooftop. It stops and all of a sudden, this huge red laser beam comes from it. Bam! Knocks the truck into a building.”
The class was all ears. No one dared to even blink.
“Then the red ball jumps down from like 20 stories or sumfin’ like dat. Holy crap! It’s the One-Armed Bandit! He doesn’t even look at us. He’s going straight for the armored truck. Then from down the street, this purple laser blasts. Wham! Sends the One-Armed Bandit flying. Oh, he was pissed!
“He gets up to look what hit him. He was all: ‘Amy Atom, you… runt!’ Then man… freaking light show! Just boom and pow and sizzle. Red and purple beams blasting away! Crazy! So me and Rufus and J-Pow and MaxCat all jump behind the hole in the wall, ducking for cover.
“This goes on for like ten minutes! Amy Atom was all: ‘Fool, you’re mine!’ The One-Armed Bandit was like: ‘Bring it, little girl.’ Just freaking epic!
“Just as Amy was about to take him down, the One-Armed Bandit fires a shot in our direction. It hit the armored truck behind us. Man, we were so lucky not to get hit by parts and debris! Then we heard the guards in the truck moaning and yelling for help.
“It was enough to distract Amy. In that brief moment, the One-Armed Bandit escaped.
“J-Pow was: ‘Can you believe that midget let him get away.’ Yeah… that didn’t impress Amy at all.”