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After reading some other people’s backstories for their characters, I’m trying my hand. This is the second character I’m trying to provide a backstory for instead of just a general description.

Not much is publicly known about Maidenhead, except that she is one of the strongest women on Earth and uses that strength to bring swift, terrible justice to evil doers, with a particularly strong bias against those who abuse women and display misogynist tendencies. Many believe she was raised by Celtic Druids, others think she is an immortal ancient Roman priestess or oracle. Maidenhead herself has forgotten her land of origin and how old she really is. What she knows for sure and has learned of herself over her vast lifetime is that she was already ancient when Stonehenge was a budding idea in a long gone architect’s mind. That the tribe from which she came was long dead when the Sphinx and the Pyramids gleamed brightly in the desert with their original limestone coverings. That she is a mutant blessed with superhuman strength, agility, invulnerability and regenerative powers . And that her strength and eternal youth is tied to her virginity. Yes, Maidenhead, who is thousands of years old, has never known the touch of a man. She noticed early in her life she was stronger than most of those in her tribe and that she could defeat the mightiest warriors with ease. With the onset of puberty, she noticed a great decrease in her strength as she allowed herself feelings of attraction for a male. It can only be assumed she manage to remain a virgin by virtue of her great willpower as well as her physical strength. She has vast knowledge of arcane lore from around the world and in modern times has increased her knowledge of genetics in an attempt to better understand the nature of her power. For obvious reasons, she shares no details of herself with the other superhumans she has encountered, though she will ally herself with others for a greater cause.