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The affairs of Humankind are much too petty for Spiritus Eternus to directly involve herself with but she has many agents, (some of whom we may call superheros), most unknowing, whom she, (if gender even applies to such a Cosmic Entity), can dispatch to maintain the order of the multiverse. It is by her workings that Miracle Man was transformed to his youthful self and sent to Earth Prime. The reasons are known only to her and possibly, may never be revealed. She is of the Eternium, those beings, cosmic entities, spirits, gods, who are charged with maintaining the ORDER OF ALL THAT IS. She is known by many names throughout the worlds. There are races across the multiverse much more ancient than humans who know of her as Spiritus Eternus and understand her role in ALL THAT IS. There are primitive races who refer to her as Goddess, others who refer to her as Space Goddess. To some she is the Spirit of the Cosmos. Those among Humankind who have been made aware of her presence call her The Gray Ghost, because of how she appears to humans. If in fact that is her true appearance or a manifestation that humans can accept, is also unknown. spiritus-eternus2.pngspiritus-eternus.png