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I’ve used this companion several times as a name less enemy for my hero Starchild. I even used her as doubles, calling them the Trouble Twins, children of the nameless enemy who gave Starchild a black eye early in his career. Here with a new look and a new name, and the same desire for revenge against Starchild, I give you Sunburn. Though it is not clear how she got her powers, they are very similar in nature to Starchild’s. Her solar energy absorption ability gives her the power of a nuclear generator. Starchild has suspected that someone else must have gained super powers the same way he did during that meteor shower on the night of his birth. Sunburn’s strength level is unknown but is believed to be at least equal to Starchild’s, (Level 50+), if not greater being that she was able to give him a black eye and knock him unconscious. She can also fly at supersonic speeds and survive unaided in space. Starchild has stated he was caught off guard by a superpowered female because that early in his career he did not believe any one else was close to him in strength. One big difference bettween them is that while Starchild has very visibly aged during the 20+ years since their first encounter, (he has also grown much stronger), Sunburn has not aged at all. Whether this is an inherent part of her powers or if there is some other factor involved, no one, not even Sunburn herself, can say.