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Hmmm, I’m still not certain how I feel about this one, but it is technically complete. Tell me what y’all think, will you?

The character’s hero alias is “Prey”, but his real name is Sgt Gerard Morrow. He comes from a possible future of my “prime” universe. He is a normal guy wearing a full-body “interface” suit which allows him to wear/communicate/command a highly-mobile and adaptive, hunter mech. The mech is nearly self-aware and “chose” it’s current “user” after being foiled by him several times, when it attempted to kill him. The interface suit is essentially a thick, but very elastic, synthetic mesh. The suit responds to impulses/twitches/blood flow of the wearer to “read” intended movements and then it transmits those intentions to the exoskeleton at a speed many times over FTL. As such, Prey enjoys not only greatly increased strength, but also greatly enhanced reaction and movement speed. When the “user” fails to notice something that would otherwise cause him to react, the exoskeleton’s own 360-degree monitoring systems supplement and help Prey to avoid dangers.

The exoskeleton, called the “bone-reaper” by its creator, was never fully programmed for use in the field. It was designed to act as a stand-alone agent set loose in an area to weed out and exterminate targets. Alternatively, the skeleton could either bury itself or otherwise hide and remain in standby mode, until specific orders for targets were received. The unit was activated when the storehouse where it had been abandoned was broken into by a couple of individuals. One of those individuals was the man who now wears the skeleton. With it’s unfinished programming, the bone-reaper automatically targeted Sgt Morrow (a detective) and began stalking him. The adaptive nature of the bone reaper’s ingenious design made use of a combination of nano-constructs working in series to reform the “solid” resources of the skeletal structure on the fly. This allowed the unit to repair, re-join, and restructure itself at the drop of a hat. A complete nano-construct version of the bone reaper ended up being completed and sent into the field for “practical trials,” which was why the original was moth-balled. When the bone reaper and Sgt Morrow joined up and became “Prey” (the only intelligible word the bone reaper could communicate audibly), they found that between the two of them, they were more than capable of dealing with the eventual end-products of what was originally the bone reaper project.HM3-Prey-sm.png