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@Ubiquitous Pixel said:

Starting to make demonic/angelic/creature like Zodiac spirits that go along with Guardian Angel’s world.

I don’t know if you guys remember my “Soul Sucker” character, but he is the one who releases the Zodiac 12 from purgatory. His name is Cyrus Quill and he finds the trials and spells to open the gate of purgatory and call upon the great legendary spirits of the Zodiac 12 in hopes to consume them for ultimate power…but is very wrong.

Each spirit has certain powers, abilities, and weakness once on Earth. They look for a stable host and consume those with “certain energy” to their liking. Aries Spirit seeks those with a Aries Birth and so forth. Each Spirit has their own agenda once they set foot in the mortal world….Guardian Angel has to put them back where they belong…

I really like that story.