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But now, here is my first one, none other than my very own Guardian Angel.

Name: Damon Knight
Hero Name: Guardian Angel
Species: Nephilim

Powers: Immortal, Flight, Superhuman Strength, Immune to all disease and sickness, Enhanced Speed and Cardio, Cellular Regeneration, invulnerable to most things (Wings unbreakable), Ability to heal others (at a price of weakening himself greatly), Phasing, “Angel Presence”, Sense of corruption or darkness, control over light/fire, Speak/Understand any language, Angel Enhanced Sight, Able to exorcise most demons, See through most material, enhanced hearing, and most other Angel Powers.

Weaknesses: Loses or weakens power if loss of faith in himself, people, and the world; Holy and Hell fire, a special compound found only in heaven, severely weakened to a point of near paralysis by Seals from the blood of a pure hearted human, Death’s Scythe, Higher powered demons and angels, some forms of magic, and “Hell on Earth” severely weakness him.

Reduced Bio: Damon Knight was born into a small family of 2 brothers and a sister, not knowing anything of his true being. His Mother, Deanna, and his Father, Gabriel also have no idea of their beloved son being an offspring of a “Son of God’ and a “Daughter of Man”. However, Damon slowly begins to show signs of being anything but human as he grows through puberty. Little do the Knights know, Damon was conceived for a greater purpose, a destiny that is far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Little does Damon know, but he is key to saving the world from ending…whether it is against the wishes of heaven and hell. As, Damon grows into his true Nephilim ways, he learns his destiny and decides to don the angel armor to become a beacon of faith, hope, and justice…to become a hero…to become the world’s Guardian Angel.

Damon Knight’s First Costume before the Angel Armor

Actual Guardian Angel

Damon Knight