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Thanks for the comments, I was genuinely worried about this.

– mattisagamer: No, I don’t think there’s a need. But people can picky sometimes and I knew if was removed I would need censored versions anyway so I put them up all at once.

– GuyGenesis: Thanks, it’s a good idea. I’ll probably look into it just because, but I don’t want her to be to scaly as I want there to also be a more amphibious feel. More frog less fish I guess. I originally going to have darker green spots/splotches over her chest, arms/legs, and tail, but it looked very… blugh. So I scrapped that idea.

– JR19759: No one actually asked/suggested I censor it, it just seemed like something I might run into so went ahead and did it.

I’ll probably delete the censored versions if I don’t need them there.

Peace Out