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So, the other day I noticed all the new mouth that were up and I thought “This is great! Screw my math homework I’ve got to mess with these,” So I got head and then I though “well, my experiment would look odd without a body, better add one… hmmm might as well adjust while I’m at it…” Then I put the face on and thought “It would be hard to really get feel for the face if it’s stark white… better color it… green is nice…” Point is what started as a random experiment quickly evolved into full blown character with a whole little concept and everything. Anyways, I just finished the two versions and thought, well she’s kinda cute, I’ll post her.

I really don’t think the first version is that in appropriate, but I don’t wanna take to big a risk, so I’ll just a few variations and if the others get removed I’ll still have the “censored” version up.

So I’ll put them up in a separate post.