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So, I guess I’ll try to post at least one character before going to work on the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. So here goes…

This first onewas my avatar, Mr. Nobody (this particular version looks a bit more aggressive than the characters usual mentality, I might upload some older but more accurate versions later.).


Mr. Nobody lives in an underground fortress near the New Zealand, though he is from the US. Mr. Nobody has advanced telekinetic powers because he has to ability to place and manipulate fields of microscopic particles of energy. The particles behave like millions of tiny grips that can latch on to objects or materials and hold, shape, or destroy them depending on how he directs them. He can also “feel” with them, and get a mental picture of whatever he “touches” with them (though the bigger/more intricate the object in question the harder it is be specific, i.e. he couldn’t memorize the layout for an entire building). He is, of course, resistant to any physical attack be cause he can simple put up a field of particles in the air, and “grab” anything that gets to close. He can also fly by latching on to himself and pushing himself through the air. He can fly as fast as he force hims self through the air, his only limit being that he cannot take any greater g-forces than a typical human, and if he passes out he would not be able to control the particles and thus fall and die.

He is capable of controlling the particles with just his mind, but he finds it easier to direct the particles with his hands, almost like a puppeteer. The only real limit is that he can only really perform a single task/action at a time. Just imaging the action isn’t enough, he has to actually be able to perform the action in his mind to be able to do it. If he can’t keep mentally “juggling” all the actions he’s trying to accomplish he will start failing to do them. He can, however, perform the same action on multiple objects (i.e. pulling multiple triggers, tearing outwards on a structure, or forcing an area in certain direction).

Mr. Nobody is good, and continually finds uses for his power that help people around the world, (though one of the most common uses is preventing his hat from ever falling off).

(Please, ask questions if something wasn’t explained, the system I’ve developed is still not complete, and I may have left somethings out.)