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(I could probably ramble on about this characters motivations for a few pages so I’ll keep it “short”)

So here he is: Smiley, the self made psychopath. Where most people find them selves inspired by the heroes of comics and film, Smiley found himself inspired by the villains, and so began a long and disturbing journey down the road to madness. Taking inspiration from every villain from The Joker to Hannibal Lector and everything in between, Smiley tried for years to evolve his psyche from “mild mannered” to raving lunatic. Eventually he realized that all the “great villains” madness came from a singular traumatic event, something external. Desperate to generate such a maddening event the young Smiley engaged in various small time crime jobs with the hope that he would come upon an opportunity to push himself over the psychological edge. And finally, one day, he achieved it. How is unclear (like many real ‘details’ of his past) but upon achieving lunacy, he officially took to calling himself ‘Smiley’, donned the mask he had so proudly designed and promptly dropped of the grid into the unknown.

From there on he started small, experimenting really, arson here an there, maybe making a family pet disappear. It wasn’t for several years later that the name Smiley became known to the police, when he took his first human victim. It was a brutal murder (Smiley considers himself and artist, and has a twisted sense of humor and theatricality), and the only legitimate clue at the crime scene were the words “Hello my name is: Smiley” spray painted on a wall. From there on a great number of crimes were connected to the super villain who’s only alias is Smiley.

These are from the “early days”, before the possession of a more elaborate costume.