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Ok, so I’m going to go in a different direction that usual with this character. Most of my creations of have been A) good guys B) from a fantasy setting. This character is from the here and now. I’ve been toying around with him for a while now and may post more versions of him later, (for sure going to put up more from this set of baddies).

The deranged serial killer known only as Strangeface (or as he likes to call himself “Dr. Strangeface”) is quite, soft spoken, man, who revels in being sinister and terrifying. He takes pride in his ability to look classy one minute, and become the image from your nightmares chasing you through a cornfield in the middle of the night the next. Usually his preferred methods for murder are surgical in nature, though he will lovingly resort to his oldest weapon; the meat cleaver, which, for reasons still unknown, is a personal item that he values more than almost anything else.