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So… I can think of nothing to make… like at all… So, I posting something I made a few months ago and finished polishing of just recently. (The feet are still off I know.)

I was inspired/going for a sort Hindu god/Japanese demon type deal… yeah.

He’s a demon (I’m not sure if he’s from the Airship Universe), he can create fire from any of his hands, and his entire body rubbery and flexible, especially his arms, which can stretch out great lengths (I’m thinking like 50 ft stretch distance). He has a total of 4 pairs of legs and 8 pairs of arms (8 legs and 16 arms in all). He carries a large spear with him because… reasons… The chain on the end is always floating around in the air, like a streamer slowly blowing the wind (wasn’t that poetic? ).

He isn’t evil, just sort of a joker/trickster. He is somewhat morally ambiguous, though ultimately he defaults to good. He usually doesn’t get involved in matters that don’t immediately concern him, and spend most of his time wandering near forest paths so that he might meet and and ‘befuddle’ travelers. He actually lives in a stump.

AND! His NAME (finally an actually name!) is Kushni (koosh-nee).