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This beastie is a member of what I have started calling “The 3rd Race” (technically I never names them, and they were the 3rd in a series of sketches I’d done, so…). They exsist in the Airship universe (or rather did, as they have been extinct for hundreds of years). These being are one of the original monsters and evils in the world. In this world there are 2 basic types of demons; Ethereal and Physical (it varies widely from there), these are monsters are one of the earliest form of Physical demons.

They have dark, dry-tan skin, long tails, and stretched, boney, skull-like faces with jaws that can fold down internally to open farther. The standard forms stand between 10 and 15 ft tall, are very muscular and have a broad variety of horn shapes. The secondary types (which are are only about 9 or 11 ft) have large wings, sails on their tails, and horns that curve down and forward.