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Hello fellows, I have another character from the Airship Team, but this one directly connects to another character. Remember that elf knight I took forever to post? Well, I’m not revealing why just yet, but in the (slowly) evolving continuity of this story she eventually needs a replacement (gasp!). I’ve had an idea for where to begin for a while now and I finished her last night. So, her she is:

She’s the youngest member of the Team (the Purple Girl is in her twenties), a fun, flirt-sy girl (I’m thinking late teens) with big blue eyes a white white streak through her hair, and (surprise!) a curse that leaves her with a right arm made from solid steel. It’s flexible, capable of all regular articulation, but it has no real feeling. She knows when it’s making contact with things, how much pressure she’s exerting with it and so forth, but it has no real feeling to speak of. She’s kind of like a cyborg except less mechanical more magical. The arm itself has much greater strength than the rest of her body (which is effectively normal), which is limited compared to the larger members of the group (i.e. Silver and the Black Metal-Fist Guy), though she could give the later a run for his money in a fight.

She’s a young, friendly, and eager for adventure, but she’s also inexperienced (and sometimes a little shy, though she tries to hide it). She likes seeing the different places and weird lands. At first she’s rather hesitant when it comes to battles (just cause she’s never dealt with much more than a few annoying pricks) but quickly settles in and develops a fighting style that efficiently incorporates her metal arm as both shield and weapon.

(I was toying around with shiny effects when I made this so excuse the randomness)